Fine Art School Portraiture | Jackleen Leed Photography

      July 20, 2016 , LIFESTYLE

      Few things get me as excited as capturing images of little people before they are all grown up.  After all, I have two of my own and holding on to a childhood is no easy feat.  It’s a slippery creature, always wavering between this moment and the next, never hesitating to take a break.  I’m sure you have noticed that there just isn’t a pause button on little people and before long they aren’t, well, little anymore.  Fine Art School Portraiture can be that pause button.  An image of your child as they are in that exact moment, with no cheese for the camera, no forced expressions, or awkward poses.  Just your kid being your kid, whether that is pensive, goofy, or a shade in between.  School is right around the corner and if you think this is up your alley, please pass my info on to the powers that be at your school.  I would love to provide this service for you.  Let’s catch these fleeting memories before they get away!
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