Ricketts Glen Adventurous Engagement Session, Pennsylvania | Jackleen Leed Photography

      May 31, 2019 , ADVENTURE SESSION


      My very favorite thing about adventurous engagement sessions are the type of couples that choose to do them.  Seriously!  They are always the most down-to-earth, laid back, and in love people.  And you have to be when you’re having your love documented in a wild place!  The weather doesn’t always cooperate (in fact, it rarely does!), and there are about a million other things that cannot be controlled.

      However, you can control your outlook.  After all, an adventure isn’t really an adventure if it all goes as planned, right?  If you’re spontaneous, can roll with the punches, and don’t mind having a plan B (or even a plan C) to fall back on, then adventurous engagements and elopements are absolutely the choice for you!

      Which brings me to this amazing couple.  We met at the trail head for the Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park for their adventurous engagement session.  This park boasts 21 waterfalls and gorgeous mossy glens, winding through old growth forests that look like they came straight out of the pages of a fairy tale.  The trail also involves steps, lots and lots of steps.  The waterfalls range in height from 9 feet to the impressive 94-foot Ganoga Falls.  It felt like every time we turned a corner there was another waterfall to see and explore!  This was by far the most beautiful state park I have ever set foot in.

      And honestly, there would have been no better couple than to explore it all with than these two.  They clearly enjoyed being with each other and their happiness was absolutely contagious.  And above all else, they are proof that even if you are having a more traditional wedding day, there is always room for adventure! 

      Looking for an adventure of your own and a photographer who will camp with you, hike with you, get muddy, and document the whole thing?  Get in touch!  I love to help couples plan adventures that are completely true-to-them and their relationship! 

      couple-exploring-waterfalls-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-rock-climbing-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-embracing-in-front-of-waterfalls-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-sitting-on-rock-in-front-of-waterfall-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-exploring-waterfalls-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer black-and-white-image-of-couple-kissing-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-holding-on-to-each-other-in-forest-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-laughing-and-embracing-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-dancing-on-overlook-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-touching-heads-and-holding-one-another-in-front-of-waterfall-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-laughing-and-embracing-with-waterfall-in-background-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-embracing-on-rock-beside-flowing-water-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer couple-holding-each-other-during-ricketts-glen-adventurous-engagement-session-arizona-intimate-wedding-and-adventure-elopement-photographer



      These photos are beautiful! And it looks like they really had fun which is so important.

      Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous session!! you captured their personalities so perfectly!

      I’m from PA and never would’ve guessed this location was there! You did a beautiful job capturing their love and I loveee the location!

      Pennsylvania really is such a beautiful state! I absolutely love all the greens and waterfalls from this Ricketts Glen Adventurous Engagement Session.

      This park is only a few hours from me. I’ve been wanting to go and after seeing these images, I really want to get there! You captured their love and the beauty of the surroundings so well 🙂

      Not gonna lie, I had no idea Pennsylvania has waterfalls like this. Gorgeous!!

      I LOVE the long exposure of the waterfall. I’m digging that you put their images together in a video with a cute song!

      Love all things green and waterfalls! You captured these beautifully!

      These are so gorgeous. I love your logo too!

      These greens and location are just to die for!! I love how you showed you can have epic images anywhere!

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